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About AviClear (acne) Treatment & How It Works

The first and the only FDA-approved laser device, AviClear treats mild, moderate, and severe acne. It treats present acne while preventing future outbreaks by decreasing sebaceous glands and breaking down organisms that produce bacteria. AviClear laser eliminates acne in just three, thirty minutes sessions. This treatment is a perfect alternative to ineffective acne pills and peels. Get clear skin with AviClear laser – consult experts at Ilumin8skin today!

One of the key causes of acne is the sebaceous glands’ excessive sebum production. What makes our AviClear acne treatment so special is that it treats acne at its root. This ground-breaking laser therapy uses 1726nm wavelength (laser frequency) to safely and effectively reduce active acne without prescription drugs by carefully targeting and down-regulating the sebaceous gland. At Illumin8skin, we provide AviClear acne-clearing treatment for all ages and skin types. Consult our experts to determine AviClear cost or queries you may have in mind!


Treats mild, moderate, and severe acne

Free of side effects and effective for all types of skin and tones

Minimal downtime and quick results evident in just three sessions

Reduces sebum production, which in turn prevents future breakouts

AviClear acne treatment targets acne at its source

No harmful medications or hassle of dealing with traditional acne therapies

Procedure That We Follow

AviClear, the revolutionary laser acne treatment, treats acne at its core. It’s safe, efficient, and FDA-approved. Here is a breakdown of the AviClear treatment process we follow at Illumin8skin.


At this stage, our aestheticians evaluate your skin to determine the problem areas that need to be treated. Once we know that you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment, we move forward to the next stage. However, thanks to breakthrough technology, AviClear is suitable for all skin types and tones. If you have any queries, this is the time to ask.

During Treatment

During the AviClear acne laser treatment, the treatment area is prepped with lots of hydration and cleansing. It’s a pain-free process, yet patients might feel a slight snapping sensation. AviCool, a blue skin cooling technology, is also used to maintain the skin’s temperature during treatment. Three thirty-minute sessions, scheduled three months apart, are suggested for optimal results.


That’s it! Once the treatment is done, you can resume your daily activities. You might notice redness or mild acne flare-up, but these symptoms quickly fade. Besides, the only post-treatment care required is applying sunscreen and gentle cleanser for the next seven days. Tired of monthly dermatologist visits and harsh drugs? Get AviClear laser from Illumin8skin – contact us for the cost and treatment plan.

How Process Works