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About Celluma LED Light Therapy (acne) Treatment & How It Works

Celluma LED Blue Light therapy uses potent light energy to successfully improve your skin’s general health and assist with pain control. It is a clinically tested and FDA-approved treatment. To restore the skin, the light energy penetrates deeply into the skin. Acne, wrinkles, dark spots, and scars are a few medical issues treated by applying LED blue light therapy wavelengths to skin tissue. To eliminate your skin issues, call Illumin8skin now; we provide excellent Blue LED Light Therapy acne treatment.

Illumin8skin offers Celluma LED Therapy cost-effective treatment with exceptional results. To treat various skin problems, Celluma LED light therapy combines three main wavelengths (Blue, Red, and Infrared) to transmit a low level of light. We primarily focus on LED Blue Celluma Light Therapy for acne because this treatment is known to destroy P.acnes bacteria as it can pass through the epidermis. Celluma services that we offer at Illumin8skin safely and effectively eliminate this acne-causing bacteria, treating current blemishes as well as preventing new breakouts from occurring. Thus, if you are seeking professional help for your acne and scars and need high-end outcomes, we are here to assist! Drop us a line.


Increases skin’s firmness, resiliency, and elasticity

Restore a healthy appearance

Enhance skin texture, tone, and clarity

Stimulates collagen production

Kills acne bacteria and prevents future breakouts

Promote anti-inflammatory effects

Procedure That We Follow

This Celluma LED Light Therapy for the skin is beneficial. It is considered best for treating skin issues. Thus, our treatment goes through three crucial phases.

Initial Phase

The low-level LED light therapy, delivered by the patented Celluma light array panel, stimulates cellular activity deep within the skin tissues to reduce and control inflammatory acne, lessen the visible signs of sunburns and hyperpigmentation, and restore your skin’s healthy glow. Celluma’s adaptable shape-taking panel uses blue light or a potent combination of one or more lights to stimulate elastin and collagen production for firmer, healthier skin.

Middle Phase

Celluma is a mild, non-ablative procedure that gradually improves the condition of your skin over time. The treatment increases the flow of water and nutrients to the skin, improves moisture retention, and stimulates cellular growth and turnover. The end result is skin that is firm, healthy, and youthful-looking. Blue light therapy heals both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne by concentrating on the dangerous bacteria that frequently cause acne breakouts.

The Final

Be patient if you don’t see results immediately; it takes time for your skin to rebuild and restore the cellular development required for healthy-looking skin. Celluma LED Therapy can have a significant impact on the health of your skin. 2-4 sessions per week for a few months are typically necessary to achieve the best outcomes. Starting at the earliest indications of a new breakout, acne should be regularly treated throughout the breakout.

How Process Works

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