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About Custom Acne Facial (acne) Treatment

Facials are intended to cleanse the skin and improve its overall appearance. An acne facial includes a series of treatments specifically for people with acne-prone skin to minimize breakouts. It strips away the upper dead skin layer and speeds up skin turnover, resulting in cleared and unclogged pores. Acne facial treatment is entirely safe for non-inflammatory acne; however, it’s not the best choice for people with inflamed pimples or zits. At Illumin8skin, we offer a custom acne facial to address each individual’s skin problems at its core. Schedule a consultation with our experts today!

A gentle facial given by one of our skilled aestheticians can aid people with mild, non-inflammatory acne. The events involved in our acne treatment service include cleansing, unclogging pores, manually extracting white and blackheads, and eliminating acne-causing germs, which reduce oil production, calm skin irritation, and rehydrate dry skin. Our acne facial can give you smoother, healthier skin with reduced redness and zits. It’s a perfect choice for people who face occasional breakouts. Get glowing and acne-free skin – Contact Illumin8skin for professional acne facials.


Highly effective for killing acne-causing bacteria

Cleanse the skin of debris and impurities

Facials for acne improve skin hydration

Unclog pores and remove dead skin cells

Decrease oil production and skin inflammation

Stops or minimizes future breakouts

Procedure That We Follow

At Illumin8skin, we offer the best acne facial using professional-grade skin care products – customized per your skin type and severity of acne. However, below are the general steps that are a part of each of our treatments.


Before starting the acne treatment facial, our aestheticians review your complete medical history and do a thorough skin analysis in an attempt to understand your acne issues better. Once we know what the cause of your acne is, our professionals come up with a custom treatment plan for acne facials focused on preventing future breakouts and clear skin.

During Treatment

We begin the acne facial by cleansing the skin. Next, the dead skin cells and dirt on the skin are removed by exfoliation via scrubs, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels, followed by unclogging of pores and extraction of whiteheads and blackheads. Next, LED light therapy kills germs and eliminates excess oil. Lastly, facial masks, serums, and moisturizers with active enzymes are applied to boost hydration.


After treatment, you can resume your activities almost instantly. Typically, a series of acne facials are recommended to see evident results. Besides the minor differences, how many facials completely clear the acne varies from person to person. Our aestheticians will also guide you on when it would be suitable to schedule another acne facial appointment.

How Process Works

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