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About PDO Max Treatment (Threads) & injectables Treatment

Facing the problem of skin loosening? After a certain age, everyone faces this problem. But not anymore. Illumin8skin is offering a PDO Max procedure which is a basic skin tightening and uplifting process. Like other facelift procedures, you don’t experience any cuts or slits. PDO thread lifting inserts thread with the help of tiny needles in the skin. These threads are particularly made to tie up drooping skin and lift it upwards.

PDO Max threads work on different areas of your skin where you feel it’s sagging and not appropriately lifted as required. PDO thread lift is a procedure where threads are inserted in the desired part by small needles and help the skin to lift and give you the most youthful and beautiful skin. PDO Max threads also evoke collagen and increase its production. Collagen helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines and gives you smooth-looking flawless skin.


PDO Max is an extremely quick procedure. It does not take any recovery time. You can immediately join your daily routine life once it’s done. PDO Max takes 15 to 30 min provisional to the part of your skin that is being treated.

You don’t have to wait for the result of the PDO max threads lift. The results are immediate, moreover, you will feel an added improvement in your complexion after two to three months when the threads are being absorbed by your skin.

You won’t face any swelling like the traditional procedures.

DO Max is the needle base procedure that prevents cuts, you don’t have to go under the knife to get the procedure done, so there is no concept of scars even.

PDO Max is a gain without pain. Yes, you heard it right, unlike other procedures you don’t feel pain or discomfort during or after the treatment.

No allergies. The threads are non-toxic which makes it even safer.

Procedure That We Follow

The simple and quick procedure of PDO Max thread lift does not need any anesthesia; it takes just a few minutes to complete the process.

PDO Max Pre-Treatment

We guide our clients completely about the treatment. As PDO threads address many facial beautifying apprehensions. The threads can be injected into almost all parts of your face treating many concerns like laugh lines, eye wrinkles, neck area etcetera.

Throughout the procedure

You don’t experience any pain in this procedure. In fact, our specialists keep on telling you and guiding you about what they are doing and how is it going to enhance your beauty from the specific area.

PDO Max After Treatment

As PDO Max thread is the easiest and simplest treatment to go through with no after-swelling or other side effects, you can easily go back to your work life without being concerned about the treatment. Illimin8skin specialists will inform you about the dissolving of the threads and how it would leave your skin refined and beautiful with time.

How Process Works

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