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About Lash Lift and Tint

Lash lifts, often known as a lash perm, transform your natural straight lashes into a lasting curl for up to 8 weeks. The eyelashes are curled using a silicone lifting rod and a gentle adhesive, giving them a more extended appearance. Combined with a lash tint service, the effects of the lash lift are doubled, making you fall in love with the dark and beautiful color. Get perky new lashes that make your eyes pop – Consult Illumin8skin for queries and lash lift costs.

Lash lift and tint is a quick solution to get fuller and more voluminous lashes. The lash lift service works similarly to an eyelash curler. It causes your lashes to stretch upwards, making them appear longer and your eyes more open and radiant. Meanwhile, our lash tint is analogous to applying numerous coats of mascara. It darkens, thickens, and lengthens your lashes. An eyelash tinting and lifting is the best alternative to lash extensions which are difficult to upkeep. Contact Illumin8skin to get the best lash lift services out there!


Lift and tint make lashes appear thicker, fuller, and longer

Curls lashes from the base to top for a longer-looking lash line

Custom lash lift gives a nice lifting effect that compliments your face

Cost-friendly alternative to lash extensions

Perfectly suitable for short, long, or stubbly lashes

Long-lasting results with no side effects

Procedure That We Follow

At Illumin8skin, we offer lash lifting and tinting that make your natural lashes look thicker, longer, and more elegant. Here is what our lash lift process looks like.


This is where we prep your eyelashes for lifting and tinting. The lashes are combed using a mascara wand, and a collagen pad is placed under each eye. Next, based on your eye shape and size, we select the fitting shield and hold it in place using a bonder. Using a lash tool, we carefully lift lashes from the root and attach them to the shield.

During Treatment

The lash lift cream is applied from the root to 1/3 up the lash, followed by a neutralizing lotion using a micro applicator. After nearly 10 minutes, a moisturizing serum is used to remove the lashes from the shield gently. Next, the shield and excess serum is removed using a cotton bud. For even better results, we use lash tint that provides a voluminous appearance.


After removing the lash tint, you’ll be good to go and resume your activities immediately. The entire process is done in less than an hour and lasts 6-8 weeks or even longer if taken care of properly. Our aestheticians recommend not applying makeup or rinsing the eyes with water for 24 hours. That’s it – enjoy your new lashes. Contact us for the best eyelash-lifting services.

How Process Works

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