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About Contouring Treatment & How It Works

Illumin8skin provides the safest and most advanced body contouring services, ideal for removing stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise. We are pleased to offer our clients a range of surgical and non-surgical body contouring treatments, such as fat freezing and burning. We have highly-qualified consultants and treatment doctors with years of experience in the medical aesthetic world. Want to avoid signs of aging and regain your youthful beauty and shape? Illumin8skin is here to serve you!

Sometimes diet or exercise isn’t alone enough to reach your aesthetic goals; that’s when treatment for body contouring comes to save you. Body contouring or body sculpting is a collection of medical or surgical treatments that reveals a toned and firm body hidden under layers of body fat and loose skin. It helps remove extra skin and excess fat and shape/contour a body part. Lipolysis and laser body sculpting is among the non-surgical procedures. In contrast, surgical body contouring methods include liposuction, tucks, and lifts.


Toned, well-shaped body parts

Younger and thinner appearance

Makes your skin smoother

Invasive technique, so no body traumas

Long-lasting, quick and superior results

Mild pain but faster recovery time

Procedure That We Follow

We follow the below body contouring procedures depending on the treatment you require.


Initially, you’ll meet our specialist to discuss your goals, health conditions, and medical history. Next, they’ll examine the area and discuss your possible options. Depending on the type of treatment chosen, you may be asked to get some blood tests done or have a physical exam with the healthcare team.

During the Treatment

The procedure can last up to 30 minutes to several hours. For surgical procedures, the team may give anesthesia (local or general) and mark and prepare your skin in the surgical area. Following the process, the specialist makes incisions in the affected area, cuts/repositions/shape tissues, and trims/suctions out excess fat and skin to create the best possible outcome. For the non-surgical procedure, a drug will be injected into the area you want to reduce fat. The professional may also use tools like paddles or wands to deliver laser beams, ultrasound waves, heat, or cold, per the procedure’s requirement.


The body contouring surgery procedure demands a little more aftercare than the non-surgical one. You may be required to change the bandage often, avoid over-activity, and stay out of the sun. With non-surgical body sculpting, you can go about your day normally. To control pain and prevent infection, our health professionals prescribe medicines.

How Process Works