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About RHA (Fillers) & Injectables Treatment & How It Works

RHA dermal fillers are clear, colorless gel injectables that use resilient hyaluronic acid to lessen the appearance of dynamic fine lines and correct facial wrinkles and folds near the mouth, nose, and forehead. The RHA filler injections are unique because they are the only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers for treating dynamic wrinkles, which form over time due to recurrent facial movements such as smiling, laughing, frowning, and squinting. At Illumin8skin, we ensure you get remarkable, natural-looking results from our RHA filler treatment.

Dynamic wrinkles and folds occur in areas of the face we frequently move. They arise due to the weakening of the tissues that support facial muscles. Thus, we at Illumin8skin offer RHA filler treatment that’s carefully processed with fewer chemical alterations. Our technique works like a magic eraser that smoothens and plumps your skin – it preserves the hyaluronic acid’s original structure, making it identical to the one produced by your skin. The RHA fillers stretch and adapt to your natural facial motions – making the skin appear smoother, youthful, and natural. Our RHA filler injections are perfect for those who want a gentle aesthetic enhancement without a surgical procedure!


The only FDA-approved filler with a unique formula to treat wrinkles/folds

Enhance facial volume and make your skin appear youthful

Effectively treat mild-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds, i.e., chin and nasolabial lines

Amplify the natural lip shape with a lip plump

Contour and fill the cheeks and jawline

Long-lasting results approximately 9 to 18 months

Procedure That We Follow

Unlike traditional gel fillers that are ineffective in treating dynamic wrinkles and folds, our Resilient Hyaluronic Acid fillers offer various youth-restoring benefits. At Illumin8skin, we follow a process that’s safe and effective. Here’s a breakdown of it.


We start the session with an in-depth look at your medical history and perform a skin analysis. There are three types of RHA formulations available, so we determine the best possible option to treat the areas of concern. At this stage, we analyze your skin at the dermis and epidermis levels. Also, you’re free to ask any questions you may have.

During Treatment

Once we know you’re an ideal candidate for getting RHA cosmetic fillers, we’ll begin preparing your skin. We use a thin needle to inject the hyaluronic acid gel, so you might feel a minor stinging or pinching sensation. To ensure our clients feel comfortable throughout, we apply a numbing cream beforehand. It may take 30 minutes to one hour. Once done, a soothing salve will be applied.


After the treatment, you’ll notice immediate results. It’s pretty normal to experience redness or swelling that diminishes after a few days. Besides, you’ll be able to resume your daily activities, yet avoiding strenuous activity for the next 24 hours is recommended. That’s it! Enjoy natural-looking results that last longer than conventional fillers!

How Process Works