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About truSculpt (Body Contouring) Treatment & How It Works

A cutting-edge, FDA-approved technique that permanently eliminates fat is known as truSculpt . Unlike other fat-reduction methods, truSculpt offers a non-invasive, comfortable procedure that can cause skin tightening concurrently, which is a good bonus. Surface fat can be effectively reduced in targeted areas such as the upper arms, flank, back, belly, buttocks, hips, thighs, and calves, as well as beneath the chin, thanks to efficient truSculpt  treatment. We at Illumi8skin offer the best solutions to help our clients get rid of unwanted fat. So, consult us to book your appointment today!

truSculpt, a body contouring procedure, destroys fat cells in the desired area using radio frequencies. The body absorbs the damaged fat cells, preventing their regrowth. Due to this treatment, the patients experience a mild warming sensation when the treatment heats the fat cells. Radiofrequency can be a viable alternative for people who want to avoid laser therapy owing to skin issues because it is less dangerous than using liposuction, lasers, or surgery. Most patients only require one session of this treatment, after which the fat loss typically takes 6 to 2 months to occur naturally. To get more information about the cost of truSculpt treatment, contact Illumin8skin now!


Reduction of stubborn fat

Little to no recovery time

The treatment can be done in a lesser period

Evident results after the first session

Radiofrequency can help tighten the skin

Cooling technologies used to maintain the comfortable

Procedure That We Follow

The truSculpt procedure is thorough, and we follow it rigorously to provide the best outcome. Here are the steps that we follow.


We always arrange a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists to go over your options before we recommend any course of treatment, then we offer a designed strategy accordingly. We advise patients to consume at least 64 ounces of water daily for the last several weeks before their session. During this time, try to consume fewer hydrating liquids like coffee. Thoroughly clean the treatment area. After cleaning your skin, avoid using any lotion, moisturizer, or oil.


One or two pads will be placed on the upper back during the procedure. When treating several areas at once, warming pads are placed on the skin’s surface and wrapped to maintain them in place. The temperature can be altered to your preferred comfort level whether you receive treatment using this most recent technique or a handheld device. Most people like hot stone massage. Targeted heating is chosen to eliminate fat and maybe tighten the skin without causing pain.

Post Process

Within three months of the initial session, most patients experience a 24% fat reduction. Following treatment, the patient’s look progressively and constantly improves over 12 weeks as the body naturally eliminates the fat cells. Usually, two to three sessions are required for treatments using the smaller handpiece (for example, under the chin), depending on patient goals. Now that you know TruSculpt iD before and after, it’s time to make a call and book an appointment with us; we are waiting for you!

How Process Works